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Training and Internship

Equip, Empower, Elevate


Are you passionate about scientific research and eager to dive into the exciting world of cutting-edge discoveries? Look no further than Operon Technologies, a leading name in providing exceptional training and internship opportunities in various scientific research areas. With a commitment to nurturing curious minds and fostering innovation, Operon Technologies offers a transformative experience that equips you with the skills, knowledge, and practical exposure needed to excel in your scientific pursuits.

Operon Technologies stands as a beacon of opportunity for aspiring scientists and researchers. The organization offers a diverse range of training programs and internships that span across a multitude of scientific domains. Whether your interests lie in molecular biology, genetics, biotechnology, environmental sciences, or any other specialized area, Operon Technologies has a program tailored to your passion.

Operon Technologies opens doors for individuals who are driven by curiosity, passion, and a thirst for knowledge. Whether you're a student seeking a transformative internship experience or a young professional looking to upskill in a specific research area, Operon Technologies has a program tailored to your needs.

In a world where scientific breakthroughs are catalysts for progress, Operon Technologies empowers you to be a part of the change. By joining their training and internship programs, you're not just learning – you're contributing to the advancement of science and making a lasting impact on the world.

Discover your potential, broaden your horizons, and set your scientific aspirations in motion with Operon Technologies. Your journey towards becoming a distinguished scientific mind begins here.

We offer Internships in the following fields:

1.     Biochemistry & Physiology of growth and metabolism

2.     Bioprocessing engineering and Biotechnology

3.     Stoichiometry and kinetics of microbial growth

4.     Genome management and analysis: prokaryotes

5.     Genetic engineering

6.     Microbial Process Kinetics

7.     Agricultural biotechnology

8.     Animal biotechnology

9.     Aquaculture

10.  Biodefense

11.  Biofuels

12.  Biomanufacturing

13.  Biomaterials

14.  Biopharmaceuticals

15.  Cell culture

16.  Conservation

17.  Cosmetics

18.  Drug discovery

19.  Environmental biotechnology

20.  Food Safety

21.  Forensics

22.  Genomics

23.  Immunochemistry

24.  Lab Safety

25.  Marine biotechnology

26.  Molecular biology

27.  Natural products and Nutraceuticals

28.  Plant biotechnology

29.  Protein purification

30.  Quality control

31.  Synthetic biology

32.  Vaccines

33.  Water quality  


We offer Training Programs in the following fields:

Diagnostics and Research

  • ·Introduction to Human Genetics, Cell Biology & Immunology

  • Diagnostic applications & techniques

  • Laboratory equipment & processes

  • Quality Management Processes

  • Good lab practices & biosafety

  • Sample Accessioning and Logistics


  • Cell culture, metaphases & G-banding

  • Lymphocyte culture, chromosome analysis & karyotyping

  • Introduction to Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Biochemical Genetics and Immunology

  • Hematology and Biochemistry

  • Immunology



Molecular Genomics

  • Nucleic Acid (DNA/RNA) extraction

  • ·Polymerase Chain Reaction

  • Real time Quantitative PCR (RT-qPCR)

  •  Agarose gel electrophoresis


  • Sanger Sequencing

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