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Genomics Services

Decipher, Catalyze, Revolutionize

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Operon Technologies drives genomic progress, offering unrivaled services for researchers and industries. From sequencing to analysis, our advanced methods unlock genetic insights, powering breakthroughs in understanding and innovation. Collaborate with Operon Technologies to harness the full potential of genomics and propel your research forward.

Key Genomic Services offered by Operon Technologies:

  • ​Amplicon Sequencing

  1. Amplicon-EZ

  2. Short-read Amplicons for >100bp

  3. Long-read Amplicons for >500bp


  • Whole Genome Sequencing

1. Short- and long read

2. Whole genome sequencing

3. Low-pass whole genome sequencing


  • RNA Sequencing

1. Standard and strand-specific for mRNA and total RNA

2. Small RNA

3. Ultra-low input


  • Epigenomics

1. Short and long read whole genome

2. Methyl-Seq

3. ChIP-Seq


  • Metagenomics

1. Whole genome

2. 16S assay for bacterial ID

3. ITS2 assay for fungal ID


  • Targeted Sequencing

  1. Whole Exome

  2. Cancer and custom gene panels


  • Microarray Applications

  1. Epigenetic Arrays

  2. Expression Array: Custom Agilent expression Arrays

  3. SNP Genotyping arrays: Illumina Human and Non-Human whole genome Genotyping Arrays

  4. Plant and Animal SNP Genotyping: Agriculturally relevant species

  5. Personalized Genomics

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